Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Because banging can be fun, can't it?

OK, the title is a reference to this video (RIP Roy Skelton), which is marginally justified due to this post including physical collisions between convex objects.

Since the last post quite a few significant updates have been made, which are best expressed through the medium of bullet points.
  • The convex object collision detection/physics is working well (huzzah!)
  • Springs (currently massless) have been implemented in the physics engine, which will form the basis of the tractor beam with Juggernaut.
  • The damage and destruction framework has been significantly upgraded to include penetration levels for both laser and projectile weapons.  For example, in the video you will see that the laser weapon immediately terminates upon hitting the debris, but passes through several Scourge enemies before terminating.  A larger penetration factor for a weapon will improve its effectiveness against multiple enemies, but not against single tougher enemies.  
  • Each object can now have a convex collision shape associated with it that will be intersected with by laser + arc weaponry.   This replaces the bounding-circle based object/object collision.
  • Upgrades the asset management framework that allows resource files containing multiple asset types to be loaded in transparently.  Dull, but very handy ;)